Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mystic Gemstones

Mystic Treatment of Gemstones

Mystic Topaz started coming onto the market around 1998. Back then, only the peacock-green color was available. It didn't sell very well and nearly disappeared until approx. 2003, when Mystic Topaz stones were available in a myriad of colors. Sales took off and the stones are expected to even surpass the super popular Blue Topaz.

Mystic Quartz Earrings
Creating a 'mystic' gemstone is an enhancement process whereby titanium is deposited onto the natural, colorless (and inclusion free) gemstone by Physical Vapor Deposition. Very little heat is involved in the process that improves the optical properties and provides a kaleidoscope of color. The Mystic Topaz process used to be covered by strict U.S. patent filed by a company called Azotic, and they were the only legal manufacturer of Mystic Topaz. The applied treatment is durable, hard, and only a few microns in thickness.

With care, the enhancement will last the life of the jewelry setting.The mystic treatment is now also available in the less expensive Garnet, Labradorite and Quartz varieties. Gemstones are available worldwide.

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